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One  gets lost in their mind when they hold feelings for another. Our hearts enwrapped by those feelings that we seldom recognize our reality and the surroundings around us all. It is something that captures the hearts of man and keep it its prisoner.

Love is bound to meet.
All girls should know this: Be yourself. Be fierce. Be confident. It’s sexy!
Don’t marinate in an negative emotion, you’re not a piece of meat. Instead, soak up in the goodness of life.
Keeping optimism is often difficult when battling inter-strife. Let go of it and hold onto life dearly. Live each second; no matter what.
The three hardest things to say are: I Love YouI’m SorryI Need Help
Question is: are you paying attention to those who need it?
Poem from Shel Silverstein.
I wish the world was like this. Spread love not hate. Love everyone in this world. We only live for so long.
Let music soothe your soul. Let its rhythms fill the void. Let its harmony sing the tales of your life. For without it, we are nothing but wanderers of a mystic gaze.
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